Roll with your creative vision! Are you passionate about reel-making and ready to unleash your storytelling finesse? CineCraft is your stage, where you can capture the fest through your lens, craft captivating reels, and share the magic. Lights, Camera, Creativity – it's your time to shine!

General Rules

  • Video Format: Reels on Instagram are typically in a vertical format (9:16 aspect ratio). All entries must be in this format.
  • Sound: We encourage participants to use clear and copyright-free music or audio. Please stick to Instagram guidelines regarding copyrighted music.
  • Mode of Submission: Submissions should be made as per guidelines. The reel created must be uploaded on the participant's Instagram account with @i.fest tagged and two hashtags #ifest’23 and #cinecraft used mandatorily.
  • The link/URL of the reel must be submitted in the Google form which will be shared during the time of submission.
  • Deadline: The last date of submission will be 8th November at 12 am.
  • Captions and Hashtags: We suggest that participants use engaging captions and relevant hashtags to increase the reach of their reels.
  • Multiple Entries: Participants can submit multiple entries as individual participants or as a group (But not two entries as an individual)
  • Privacy Settings: Please keep in mind the Instagram account's privacy settings and how you can adjust them to make your reels visible to the public.
  • Ownership and Permissions: Participants should have ownership or proper permissions for all content used in their reels.
  • Instagram Profile: We require participants to follow the official i.fest Instagram account and tag it when posting their reels.
  • Copyright Compliance: Participants should use royalty-free music, images, and videos to avoid copyright issues.
  • Use of proper language and visual content: Any reel which features the use of inappropriate words or content will be straight away eliminated.
  • By implementing these technical rules, we ensure that participants create reels that are optimized for Instagram while maintaining fairness and consistency in the competition.

Prizes Worth: TBA