Satiate your appetite for quizzes with i.Quiz, a tech-based quiz featuring staggering questions for all quizzing enthusiasts.

General Rules

  • The Quizmaster holds the sole right to disqualify any team if he/she believes that the team is engaged in using any unfair means. The decision of the Quizmaster shall be regarded as final in case any discrepancies arise.
  • There will be three different quizzes. Each quiz will have two rounds.
  • Theme: Quizathon: Where Business, Science, and Sitcoms Collide
  • Eligibility: Open For All
  • Team Size: Lone Wolf or teams of 2-3
  • The Quiz will be conducted in two rounds.
  • The rest of the rules and how-to’s will be explained by the Quizmaster just before the quiz starts.

Round 1

  • It will be a written round. Participants in a team of two will have to submit their answers using an answer sheet.
  • From all the teams, a total of 8-10 teams will be selected for the final round.

Round 2

  • The finals can consist of multiple rounds including Pounce/Bounce, Long Connects, Written rounds, etc. depending on the QM.
  • The method of answering the questions will vary depending on the round type and will be communicated to the selected teams before the round starts.
  • At the end of all the rounds of the finals, the top 3 teams will be awarded prizes.

Prizes Worth: TBA