A secret treasure expedition through the mysterious territory of campus. Dare to unveil the treasures hidden behind the hints.

General Rules

  • Each team will get a clue in the beginning by a Treasure Hunt team volunteer and this is where your journey will start.
  • The teams will have to solve the given clue/riddle which will lead them to the next location in the campus.
  • If you have solved the clue/riddle correctly, then on reaching the respective clue destinations you will find a volunteer to whom each team has to report.
  • Remember your clues and the path you followed as it will be verified by the volunteers at each location.
  • Until your entire team is not present you will not be given your next clue.
  • You will have to perform some simple fun tasks that you are asked to do by the volunteer.
  • On completion of the task the team then will receive the next clue/riddle from the volunteers which will lead them to the next location.

Prizes Worth: TBA