Teamwork, along with innovative coding skills, is a major plus, isn't it? Work in teams to code and figure out the best possible solutions to the given problems. A three-person team event-i.Relay awaits your registrations! Be a part of this coding revolution.

General Rules

  • The event as explained is a team event. Team will be of 3 members where each member will be given a chance to code for a specific amount of time and his next teammate will have to continue the work, just like it happens in relay races.
  • Contest is open for all the registered participants.
  • Team will comprise of exactly 3 members. The coding period will last for 60 minutes.
  • There will be one coding round with a maximum of 3 questions in increasing order of difficulty.
  • For coding round, each team member will be allowed to code only for 20 minutes. After allotted time is over, next teammate replaces current one and continues the chain.
  • The order of attempt needs to be decided by the team before the competition starts.
  • Each solution will be tested based on test cases provided by us.
  • Top 3 of final leader board will be eligible for the prizes.
  • In case of any discrepancy the decision of the coordinators will be final.

Prizes Worth: TBA