If you are a chess enthusiast and think you have some amazing game-changing strategies, then this event is for you! Engage in brain-stimulating competitions against your opponents and find your way to amazing prizes and glory.

General Rules

  • • All players will play the swiss tournament first.
  • • Players with rank between 4 and 7 in this tournament will get a chance to play a bughouse game (4th & 7th vs 5th & 6th) and players with rank between 8 and 11 in this tournament will get a chance to play a 4-player chess game.
  • • First 3 players who win the tournament will get amazing prizes and winners of bughouse and 4-player chess games will get some special prizes. There is also a special prize for a player who checkmate his/her opponent in the least moves.
  • • If anyone is caught cheating during any match, he/she will be eliminated from the tournament.
  • • In case of any discrepancy, the decision of the coordinators will remain final.
  • • All the other details of this event will be mailed to you later.

Prize: to be disclosed

Registration Closed!!