Wanna go down your memory lane and reminisce all the knowledge you have about tech? We bring to you the i.Quiz, a quiz with exhilarating quizzes for all the quizzers. Are you up to speed with what's happening in the tech industry today? Technical based quiz is here to test your knowledge. Come for a great time with nerdy teams!

General Rules

  • Team Size: 2
  • • The participants must keep their webcam ON for the entire quiz duration to ensure that any kind of malpractice does not occur. The Quizmaster holds the sole right to disqualify any team if he/she believes that the team is engaging in using unfair means.
  • • The decision of the Quizmaster will be regarded as final in case any discrepancies occur.
  • • Participants are requested to maintain the decorum of the video meeting and not use any type of profanity.

Prize: 4.5K

Registration Closed!!