Love solving crossword puzzles? Challenge your mind, test your intellect to unravel the mysterious world of puzzles through i.Maze.

General Rules

  • • There will be three rounds in the event.
  • • The first two rounds will have sets of questions like MCQs.
  • • The first question, to begin with, will be known only after solving a puzzle correctly.
  • • Answers to each question will lead the participant to the next question that is to be attempted (There will be a link between questions. You can go from one to another question using that link). If a participant reaches back to the question that he/she began with then that will be considered as one loop completed. If the time remains then he/she can solve the initial puzzle once again and begin with a different question.
  • • There will be many dummy questions in round 1. If a participant answers a dummy question (whether correct or incorrect), it will cost a negative mark.
  • • There will not be any dummy questions in round 2. Participants will have to compulsorily attempt all the questions and there will be negative marking for wrong answers.
  • • All the questions will be funny questions and interesting puzzles.
  • • Only the eligible candidates after the first round will be able to attempt the second round and the same goes for the final round after the second round.
  • • The final round will be a buzzer round in which the participant that has answered the fastest and correct answer will be graded points.
  • • If someone presses the buzzer and could not answer correctly then the question will be passed on to the second-fastest participant and a negative point will be awarded to first participant.
  • • The registration will be carried out using Google Forms and the registrations will be accepted till one hour before the competition.
  • • A Discord server of the registered participants will be created for any queries before the competition.
  • • During the course of the competition, the coordinators will be available on Discord voice channels for any queries.
  • • The platform and the access to it will be provided to the registered participants 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the competition.

Prize: 3.5K

Registration Closed!!